Khirbet Qeiyafa Biography

It's unclear of where he originates from, he is of Half Zulu/Swati/Polish, but for this particular human...its music. Born in the Southern Part of South Africa, Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal : Khirbet Ahmed-Keith Qeiyafa musical experience became a wonder in a lost land. Growing up in a household filled with love for old sounds of Luther Vandross, … Continue reading Khirbet Qeiyafa Biography


Far Yards Recordings

Aliens and humans have one thing in common...being unique. Far Yards, a record label from South Africa that pretty much doesn't have much to say, but "feed" good music. Found by the Veteran Duo : M21 & Khirbet Qeiyafa, these hannibals come a loong way. From successful releases on various labels, to something that hits … Continue reading Far Yards Recordings