2015-12-05 23.50.52It’s unclear of where he originates from, he is of Half Zulu/Swati/Polish, but for this particular human…its music. Born in the Southern Part of South Africa, Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal : Khirbet Ahmed-Keith Qeiyafa musical experience became a wonder in a lost land. Growing up in a household filled with love for old sounds of Luther Vandross, Manhattans the inspiration rubbed from mom to older brother…then Khirbet. Even after a very first vinyl inherit from older brother by Marshall Jefferson, Khirbet was still a drool nerd caught up in a daily life.

From KwaZulu Natal moving to Gauteng, South Africa in the late 90’s, Khirbet landed in a place called Walkerville, 30 minutes from the mother city Johannesburg. From there, Khirbet grew up in a tarven, hence being exposed to alot of sounds..the favourite part began; his brother began to play garage house for the customers. The lad began beatboxing, that was around 2002, still having mad love for the insane sounds of Garage and Tech music and inspired by YFM’s Dj Khabzela. Beatboxing led to drums and eventually earning his first Pentium II computer in 2006. Still struggling with the techniques of music, Khirbet went through the beginning of “music life” doing stupid partime jobs on weekends, trying to learn music production…but became unsuccessful. Time went, in 2009 eventually inheriting  a KENWOOD HIFI RXD-C3L and owning a FL Studio 3 copy and later bought a FL Studio 8 from a local Music/Software guy down the street, disaster began.

Khirbet began production from 2007, starting with the afro sound under the name KidSoul Deep, then Azure. Using his Pentium II and Black Hi-fi Khirbet  Qeiyafa had to get a grip, making odd sounds with ridiculous lenghts of 15mins a track..he had to get inspitation. In 2009 Khirbet moved permanently to a location in the Vaal; Lakeside Estate and by this time, influences from Marshall Jefferson, Loco Dice, Ben Watt to name a few..started rubbing in. In the Vaal, Khirbet got exposed to the sounds of Culoe De Song, Da Capo, House Afrika, Soul Candi Compilations, Dj Monde Compilations to name a few and later on met alot of people with beatiful ears and music compilations namely Ndlela “WayDeep” Mtshisane, Mohau “Hagrid” Letsobe aka Merc Dee and NakedSoul to name a few. The year 2009 Khirbet dropped the name Azure, changed to Ayanda M, met up with Jack-Key, then later on Gift Mzizi, the founders of Volume Down Recordings an Entertainment/Recording company from South Africa, the real music production began. In the process, Khirbet 1st successful track was Izizwe meaning Nations, then attempted a remix for the late Mam’Busi Mhlongo : We Baba and 340ml’s Midnight but due to copyright issues, the sounds were removed from online sites and nearly got a lawsuit. The same year, Khirbet met up with AIDS (Audio Infected Disc Spinners) one half, Ignatious Turner, and the level of music had to expand. By this time Khirbet was well groomed, still producing Afro, joined Volume Down.

After highschool Khirbet mastered his studies in Engineering Graphics but studied ISNE at CTI in a town called Vanderbijlpark and with partime jobs, he did short courses in Sound Engineering and Business Management at City Varsity in Braamfontein. 2010 saw Khirbet Qeiyafa taking a vacation to Bielefeld, Germany and the experience was mind blowing, being exposed to Trance, Breaks/ Nu Skool and a rare sound of Minimal. In 2012 Khirbet started a real music career in music, dropping the name Ayanda M and using Khirbet Ahmed-Keith Qeiyafa but commonly known as Khirbet Qeiyafa to his peers, a religiously inspired name with alot of meaning, then inspiration moved from Afro Music to Deep/Tech and Minimal.

At Volume Down, Khirbet did music from 2013-2014 and having to shape up the label, started doing less production and focused on the management side and eventually becoming the senior label manager and graphic designer/illustrator and co-managing the label with Gift Mzizi and Jack-Key as part of the executive board. In 2014 Khirbet dropped the solo career and met up with M21 and M21 & Khirbet Qeiyafa was born. The duo after 2 releases managed to get radioplay in Philaldelphia and Boston/Massacheuts. Dj Nae from Argentina became a regular to M21 & Khirbet Qeiyafa sound and Joonya T from Philadelphia became a regular. This led to Khirbet dropping the solo act completely and focusing on the duo’s brand. The exposure and hardwork led to over 100 tracks released in a period of 9 months, scored up an interview with Isis, a radio Journalist/Blogger from United States, wich became unsuccessful, Ndinga Gaba supporting the music, distribution deal with Boutade Music as Guests and shortlisted at best underground new comers by Dj Tunes and Soundeo.

In 2015 Khirbet stepped down as Senior Label Manager and became an illustrator at Volume Down and opened his own label Far Yards Recordings ets. 2015. To date, Khirbet Qeiyafa has had over 350 audio streams, best top ten charted artist at Volume Down with 10 tracks in the chart under beatport, most recognized artist at Volume Down under beatport to name a few.

Currently Khirbet Qeiyafa resides in Johannesburg, South Africa were he runs his own label Far Yards Recordings with friend and partner in crime M21. The same year, Khirbet opened up an online audio podcast stream on micxloud ROOM605 Podcasts focusing on raw music podcasts  and eventually met S’celo Madonsela and became a brand ambassador for his underground movement; TruEaSoul. To date he has worked with Johannes Ortlieb (Germany), Boris Ortonicar (Switzerland), Anthony DeThabo/Le Boo (South Africa/United Kingdom), Knine Tseki & Inno Sacred (South Africa), Linda Wase Vaal (South Africa) to name a few and most of his work is done without M21


VDE000 – M21 – Low End Energy (Haus of Ahmed KQ Mixes)
VDE001 – M21 – Back To Business (KQ Mixes)
VDE002 – Kusikitisha/Kihisia EP
VDE003 – Low End Energy (KQ Mixes)
VDE004 – Bland Frequencies & Broken Tapes
VDE006 – Blaue Freiheit EP (w/M21)
VDE007- Blind Mushroom & Mute Onions EP (w/ M21)
VDE009 – BorotheKid – Chicken Dance/F#ck That B#tch (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0010 – Whoora & Koora Album (as M21 & KQ)
VDE0011 – Delusions EP (w/M21)
VDE0012 – Jack-Key – Back To Africa EP (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0013 – When Life Was Stolen EP (w/M21)
VDE0014 – Bochum Arafe EP (as M21 & KQ)
VDE0015 – MID Deep – Deeper Things (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0016 – M21 – Gleizes EP (KQ Mixes)
VDE0018 – Death Melodies (as M21 & KQ)
VDE0019 – Merc Dee – Solstice EP (KQ Mixes)
VDE0021 – Ow-i – Still Friends (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0025 – Merc Dee – Gravity EP (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0022 – Jack-Key – French Kiss (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0023 – Discography #14 (as M21 & KQ)
VDE0027 – Knine Tseki & Inno Sacred – Here &  Now (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0030 – Pharaos EP (as M21 & KQ)

Anthony DeThabo feat. Le Boo – Lomlisa Ngowami (1meter Dreadz Entertainment) (M21 & KQ Mixes)
M21 & Khirbet Qeiyafa – Broke The Record  (Volume Down Recordings)

Unreleased December 2015

VDEOO17 – Linda Wase Vaal – I Figure Out, I Go Nuts (M21 & KQ Mixes)
VDE0020 – Discography #15 (as M21 & KQ)
VDE0024 – M21 – Low End Energy (Complete Release Edition) (KQ Mixes)


Johannes Ortlieb – 13th Binder Str. (KQ Mixes)
BOUTADE MUSIC 2016 Releases


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