M21 & Khirbet Ahmed Qeiyafa – Call them a duo, maniacs, crazy etc. but these 2 underground moles really got in going on. . Born in Gauteng(South Africa) now both residing in South Africa, no one knew that kind of style would surface in this era – ‘’they call us many names (laughs), well when it’s time to put rhythm in place, it’s in the name of music’’ – Khirbet Qeiyafa.

It started as a hobby, a part time experience who by then has never met; M21 was a Full Time student and full time hip hop/pop/afro producer/ while on the other hand KQ was a full time student and vinyl collector. ‘’for both of us it started in school, led on to varsity and the rest is history. It has changed even before we met, we already knew what we were doing’’. From different backgrounds and sounds to a well-respected international underground brand, it was never easy. For both producers M21 (2005) and Khirbet Ahmed Qeiyafa (2007), it was all a God given journey up to date. The formation dates back to 2009, that’s after the formation of their past grand label: Volume Down Recordings (2009-2015)
. The artists have released a lot of discography under various aliases, but then when it was time to ditch all and focus on branding and sticking to one thing in mind ; UNDERGGROUND MUSIC, the duo had then to face what was real and not a fantasy! ‘’Back when we were doing our style individually, we were more happy to be releasing, we never really thought about staying true to the genre. We lost a lot of deals, a lot of distributions and it was time we sat down and drafted what we really thought was best for music and our label, and that is true underground music’’ – M21. ‘’I always told my friend M21 that each month must be release; we never do it for the money but let’s leave our prints in their ears. It would be a surprise to see M21 rocking up on my door with a bunch of links of our music featured on top charts, mixes and pod-casts episodes, it was overwhelming’’

M21 & KQ strongly believe in staying underground, because they feel it’s what their signature represents, not fame. From toolbox talks and vinyl crates to bedroom music and big deals, the duo leave behind a story to tell.’’ It’s hard for people to believe we’re South African, maybe its because what we do is so underground it never sounds South African or simply we never wanted people to know us by one signature, I’d meet up with a guy telling about M21 & Khirbet Qeiyafa and they’d be telling us they suggest the duo is from Egypt, Iraq or any country in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the Asian continent, it’s funny but really crazy’’ –Khirbet Qeiyafa

M21 & Khirbet Qeiyafa run their own label Far Yards Recordings (est. 2015)


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