UP CLOSE WITH Feloque (South Africa)

Today Far Yards hosts Feloque, a writer/poet and singer from South Africa

FAR YARDS: thanks for taking your time to be here and sharing with us
FELOQUE: it’s an absolute pleasure hey (smiles)

FAR YARDS: firstly, who is Feloque?
FELOQUE: hmm…well… firstly Feloque is human!she’s a wanna be big time humanitarian…hopefully…philanthropist to be.. (laughs).. she’s a child of Christ and a mother of one. a girl from the South of Gauteng, Sebokeng, South Africa

FAR YARDS: what is Feloque?
FELOQUE: (laughs)…OK… Feloque means truth..its esoteric..it was given to me by a friend of mine that had a huge impact on me and still does.. Don Grata Sibiya…and well it stuck.

FAR YARDS:…right…so what inspires Feloque?
FELOQUE: Any kind of energy. Be it a line or even something that happened.. but I am most productive when things just come off the top of my head

FAR YARDS: quite interesting…so who inspires Feloque?
FELOQUE: ….it has to be my late father.. my late father was one of my biggest inspirations. it wasn’t always comfortable hearing him tell me how I’m supposed to get a move on and make more music and not give up..

FAR YARDS: tell us about your musical journey…
FELOQUE: wow… I’ve come along way hey… grew up in a house that was music filled. dad would play us music from every era and across every genre. So I grew up listening to a bit of almost everything (smiles). I would perform at beauty pageants, school events and family gatherings and I always had my mothers support. id sing with my sister..that’s after my father bought a sound system and mics..at 8 years i started singing at church.

in 2011 I met the Vaalsow’s vocalist in a taxi on my way to school. i was very late and we started talking and i ended up singing in the taxi..(laughs)..so he got me in touch with Ultra Tones’ V.Underground and Rockit Music Founder Maestro de Casa and Ive worked with him on one of my projects.

FAR YARDS: that’s inspiring…OK.. let’s focus on where you from, South Africa… what can you say about the current  musical experience? Referring to the type of music you listen to…
FELOQUE: hmmm…..well currently it’s massive on the fact that I’m much distant from Deep House and more into Neon Soul, Jazz, Soul, etc.. the smooth kind of music… Radio Stations alot got it going.. we have the Cape Town Jazz Festival, Khaya FM Picnic where we get international artists coming forth and sharing with us.. Metro FM also gives input in the type of music I listen to..besides that, Johannesburg and other places  themselves and our government.. I’m talking about Arts & Culture, Maftown Heights, places like Bassline in Braamfontein, Jo’burg, Newtown, Market Theater etc.. all give back to various cultures of music and it’s an amazing experience… (smiles)

FAR YARDS: what would you change in your country according to music
FELOQUE: not wanting to get into trouble..but I think that the house music scene..or the Deep House scenes bleeds and in need of a lot of attention…artists try but hey..we are not there yet..we have a long way to go..

FARYARDS:right…understood…what’s your favorite track at the moment?
FELOQUE: it has to be “I’m Coming Back” by Lalah Hathaway feat. Rachel Farrel..

FAR YARDS: who you working at the moment?
FELOQUE: currently I’m working with a local band : MindKraft, Maestro de Casa and Louiella

FAR YARDS: thank you so much Feloque, what are your last words?
FELOQUE:…… I Love You.. (smiles)


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