So far it’s been a privellage to be at Far Yards, and the music keeps getting better. With good management, new heights are destined.

2016 Discography

Well for starters we are re-releasing all our music that was released by Volume Down Entertainment to Far Yards for people to get access to. A month we are scheduling a catalog of atleast 6 releases a month with atleast 1 album a year so we can keep the consistency alive

Featuring Artists

So far we have have the beautiful Felony who is much a blessing to work with. Adding to the upcoming release of her EP: First Capital, it’s been helluva nice to add my experiences and skills to the offering. Besides that, Far Yards has not opened doors for demos meaning we have to keep working hard as label artists, but it’s a blessing in disguise I believe

Mastering & Illustrations

Well our music at Far Yards is now directly mastered by ROOM OF YARDS, which is more of an “offspring”from Far Yards focused of Graphics, Illustrations and Audio Engineering Services. We still have a close relationship with ROOM605 which did most of Mastering, balancing and illustrations at Volume Down Entertainment

Gigs by Far Yards

2016 has marked a tremendous change at Far Yards. We were much more studio groomed and we felt it’s time to get the music our there…. By the way, bookings are at

Future Plans

Besides all the above…our family at Far Yards has a very immaculate plan… In the next 3 years, Far Yards wishes to establish a profound Deep House Platform in South Africa and share the concept of raw music…enough said

Final Words…

More music more music.. Our EP at Boutade ( released this month and 3 releases exclusive to Beatport in April…and we have Feloque dropping her release in April OF COURSE!!!!


Khirbet Qeiyafa talks Far Yards 2016

Far Yards


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