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Marking it as special, Khirbet Qeiyafa offered a much more different release to his signature. M21 : The Epiphany Of… is much more of an appreciation to the lads mentor and brother; M21. KQ much reflect on the inspiration, the bond and the impact M21 has on his music and concepts immaculately stating that M21 has been the power force behind his music and the anchor.

The recording and the concept started back in 2013 and inspired by various visits around the globe, KQ picked up alot of positive aspects and life changing experiences in all. Originally the release was titled Pseudonyms and Strange Names but the duo produced and released two tracks with similar titles, the titles much emphasises on M21 preference of being underground and “unknown”

KQ highlights the influence of M21 repeatedly calling him “brother” and how he looks up to him in music and life in general. The style of the release has been in documentary form with KQ recordings at the end of tracks similar to that of Kendrick Lamar on How To PIMP a Butterfly.

Listening session kicked back in 2015 through KQ private soundcloud account and settling for only 54 listeners due to the decision of choosing low marketing strategy. “I didn’t want a crew or a class to have this approved for distribution but I chose people who listened and felt the art of music. This is my way of celebrating almost 7 years in the underground scene, and this release is directly meant for the specified subject, nothing else”. With KQ embracing the form of art, several styles are found on the EP and less mastering was done as he explained he wanted the raw touch, the dirty sound of music as the overall dressing implying he isn’t after perfection, but visible feelings through music are the best prescription.

“for my brother, my mentor, my friend” – Thank you for everything you have taught me – Khirbet Ahmed- Keith Qeiyafa

RELEASE DATE: 20/06/16 (Exclusive to Beatport)

Khirbet Qeiyafa – M21 : The Epiphany of…

Label: Far Yards (FAR0021)
Country: South Africa
Format: MP3/12″/WAV/ACC
Year: 2016


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