Hi family, halfway through the year and its been a productive one at Far Yards. Alota folks asking who or what os Far Yards….it’s simple: Far Yards is Art, Far Yards is Family. We started way back in the days of AfrodesiaMP3 and went on evolving with time…it wasn’t easy but it was worth it.. To date we have approximately 30 releases with almost 12 remixes marking us as good underground breakers. Most of our peers know or remember us from Volume Down Entertainment from the hay days and till now, they’ve kept in touch with us. Most of our discography is quiet “unknown” as beginning of the year we planned the first quarter as e re-release of our old discography just to keep people up to date but as we sat and discussed a way forward, we both came to conclusion to dish out unheard recipes.

2016 marks a step closer to a decade of music and times are changing indeed. We’ve worked with alota people who have embraced our music, not that we are after that, but we respect people who embrace art in their music. So, what’s new at Far Yards in 2016, I mean sitting at 8 releases in 4 months really highlights the hardworking aura we have on one another. Nothing is new, but we aim at having more fun and more fun and more dedication… Working up, we have exclusive releases that are pretty much highly anticipated…but you know we like to keep it cool…

Johannes Ortlieb – 1346 Binder Str (Germany) released on Far Yards (date TBA)

M21/Khirbet Qeiyafa @ Feedasoul Records (Beirut, Lebanon). Guest appearance

M21/Khirbet Qeiyafa @ Boutade Musique (Italy). Guest appearance.

This is just a snippet of some of our discography that is out there crying to be played out, with the right time…. Ofcourse we also in talks on having guest appearances with other artists, as we’re most in-house branded…everything from scratch is from our expenses, truly independent. The move of Guest Artists on Far Yards will not only expand our discography but will also expand the level of music. We looking at Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Breaks and perhaps abit of dubstep. As a label that puts art first, its fair enough we embrace it throughout our music and releases. On the other hand we planning to launch a podcast online stream channel were can have fun showcasing podcasts from around the globe, what’s dedication without fun???… Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the very first day and those who are with us until now, believing non stop in our music and sharing the love.

Yours Truly – M21

Far Yards on the web

Twine – http://www.twine.fm/faryardsrec
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/faryardsrec
Facebook – Far Yards
Beatport – http://www.dj.beatport.com/faryardsrec
Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/faryardsrec


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