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We throughout the half mark of the year and we have seen and listened to good releases around the Globe. Far Yards hosts Faith Sam-Sam, an underground female DJ/Protégé from The Vaal Triangle, South of Johannesburg, South Africa, to share about her views and thoughts about music and most importantly, the House Music scene in South Africa.


Who is Faith Sam Sam
-A friendly shy person , not much of a talker has an eye for art, God fearing and has a passion for animals and music
How long have you been a DJ and what kind of music emphasizes Faith Sam Sam
-I’ve been deejaying for three years I’m into the underground like deep tech, nu disco and deep house music
What connects Faith Sam Sam to Music?
-I think it comes from God I feel his presence when engaging with music

Would you say South Africa is growing in terms of Deep House Music?
-We are growing we do have good producers out there


What would you change or implement in that particular area
-People should start having an open mind and give others a platform

One producer who inspires your set
-Lol this is a difficult one I’d go with Bonobo

One country /place you’d love to play at

Do you think the era of music particular house music is become more business prospected and less artistic or visa versa
-Its more of a business now

What does South Africa lack in music production
-We need creativity we should stop doing the same sounds and start venturing into different kinds of sounds

What kind of message do you deliver in your sets
-Happiness and encouragement I take people through a musical journey

The world of distribution is becoming more digital hence more record labels established. Do you believe that this kind of perspective destroys the real art of music
-I think so because now musicians don’t take the time to invest in their craft and are giving away music for free some need to make a living out of this

In 2008 we saw the cassette stoping its distribution line and 2012 we saw the distribution of Vinyls coming to a stop. Do you think the new era of usbs contributes to the delivery of music in a effective way or it means more music in a portable space
-Vinyl is making a come back now and then USB is used for more music in a portable space

Besides Dj what would you do
-Oh lol my bad….. Be a veterinarian 🙂

We see all kinds of Music Awards launched and recently the IDMA is the leading..we see alot of venues and events claiming spotlights..likes of Ibiza and Wonderland…less South Africans are being featured..is it perhaps our sales and marketing strategies or music style.
-It’s both
If you’d spend a day with one producer,who would it be
-Haha…. Flying Lotus
South Africa became the only country to launch Kwaito Music and maintained the pioneer concept…where do you see south African music in 10 years
-If we start working together we can achieve alot in ten years time

– 🙂

We saw labels like DNH and FOMP making new signings in South Africa..how is this a good move for south African House music
-Our music will be recognized worldwide

One producer locally who you believe represents art, why
-It will be Knine Tseki because he is not afraid to try out different sounds

One label locally whom you believe represents art, why
-Far Yards because it’s pushing the underground

Final words in closing
-Work hard ,be patient, and never ever give up.


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