IMG-20151208-WA0010Born in Sebokeng, also known as the heart of the Vaal triangle, Feloque shares more than music.Born Tsholofelo Faith Madikgetla, Feloques musical passion began in more than just a glimpse. Growing up in a Christian home, Feloque had the firm love and inspiration from poetry, music and her late father.

It was in the year 2005 – 2007  , in a household filled with love for music, Feloque was attending Residensia Highschool in the Vaal and became involved with poetry and arts. Back then adapting the alias of “Fai”, feloque traveled a lot in the heart of Vaal attending sessions (poetry and music) and adjusting her writing ability.

During High school in the year 2005 – 2007 Feloque entered the Rock Challenge Perfomance Arts as a dancer and presenter. In the year 2009 Feloque represented her school in District 8 poetry slam landing the 2nd prize. In 2010 representing the District 11 in a singing competition.

Rhythm was her passion in writing and she all had it in the midst of fun. In the mid 2000’s, still living in the vaal, Feloque adapted another habit of songwriting. Shifting her focus from stanzas and poetry, Feloque easily mended and grasped alot of ears and hearts with her loving warm voice. She became familiar with places like Bassline (Newtown, Johannesburg), Braamfontein and other session hosting places around Vaal. Having to master the craft of song writing  and poetry being her first platform, in 2007 With fellow high school peers, they formed a 4 member hip hop/afro pop group named Zero Gravity, with her being the only female in the group and successfully recording an album in 1 day and she developed the ability to write on the spot. Having to shift permanently from poetry, Feloques music career at Z.G was more exposed on Afro Pop/Hip Hop. With the performing and recording of music by the group, Feloque adapted to the life of studio, consistently recording and having a glimpse of music production.

Unfortunately Feloque left the group in 2010. In the year 2013 Feloque moved to Sandton partially moving away from music to further her studies and having a part time job to finance herself. Things changed in 2014 while in a cab running late for an audition , Feloque met William, a member of a well known South African band under Soul Candi named Vaalsow. Feloque sang to William subliminally “breaking the hiatus” and later eventually landing a contact and contract with Ultra Tone Records a South African Label under Soul Candi. Feloque began recording ASAP and a close friend Banele Don Grata Sibiya gave her the name Feloque (means the Holder, Carrier) disbanding Fai and using the alias Faith Feloque under Ultra Tone.

Under Ultra Tone Feloque successfully recorded releases such as Neon Shades with Genevee and being featured in the WMC RDS  Compilation under Ultra Tone. In 2015 Feloque recorded Gorge Michaels’ Always and releases it under Keep on Whispering, a German underground label. It was Feloques’ first Nu Jazz/Breaks track. The first in her discography.

Late 2015 Feloques’ father passed away and she went back on a temporal hiatus then early 2016 connected with Patrick McHunu (label manager, illustrator and graphic designer at Far Yards Recordings) and from the advise of the peer, Feloque became more of an independent songwriter and eventually on the verge of opening her own label.


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