Far Yards had the opportunity to interview Lady Bliss, a female DJ from South Africa, bliss privilege indeed!!!!  Podcast >> Lady Bliss Podcast on TruEaSoul RadioIMG-20170129-WA005.jpg


Thanks for taking your time and being with us here to share about your views and perspective on music generally. First of all, who is Lady Bliss?

-sure, big thanks *smiles*..well Lady Bliss birth name is Nnyana Molefe, a deep house female who is born and bred in Munsieville, Krugersdorp

What music perspective does Nnyana have compared to Lady Bliss? What defines the thin line between the 2 personalities?

-well….my musical perspectives are the same, MUSIC lives in both of the *heart* *trumpet*

That’s profound..now you’re from South Africa and music has evolved ever since the first ear received a symphonically synergized message, what can you say about South African house music?

-hahahaha oh Lord J ..well there are very good producers so far, SA house music has grown and it’s good to see our local producers being recognized internationally

What would your perspective be between cassette and vinyl? Which one is raw, which is exclusive?

-oh good question…vinyl is very raw, the quality of plastic music is just on another level.. there more I listen to it, the more I fall I love with it. Thanks to the “The Garage Session” crew for always organizing the monthly session

And your view on cassettes?

-Cassettes are very portable but old fashioned, still prefer vinyl because they are coming back

As for a woman who is jockey, its rare but special especially for an industry dominated by men… what sets best describes you?

-lol, a set that made the owner of House22 (Sunnyside, South Africa) (Abuti Tebogo Jr Modiba) to inbox me and told me that ‘’I have a calling’ then booked me for his Mayday Mayhem Birthday celebration. Very humbled *praying hands*

That’s Inspiring! Now do you believe South African music is slowly making it’s mark globally or it remains influenced by the old pioneered sound?

-oh yes it does. That’s why most of local producers have collaborated with international producers. There’s so much GROWTH in SA musically

True on that, as we are coming close to this exciting chat with you, please give us your 3 labels internationally, 3 best producers internationally and the best compilation you’ve ever bought or listened to

-international labels

  • Moods & Grooves
  • Freerange
  • Warehouse Records

International producers

  • Reeke
  • Esa & Mervin
  • Kerri Chandler

As for best compilation…well I have a lot up my sleeve *smiles*

Thank you so much for your time and lastly, which country would you love to dj at?

-USA, Chicago specifically because there’s so many legendary producers like Larry ‘’MR Fingers’’ Heard and Marshall Jefferson..it would be such an honor

Thank you so much for your time and all the best

-Pleasure *smiles*



Bookings & Contact

Email: ladybliss15@gmail.com

Contact: +2778 530 6802

Instagram: @fabulousbliss

Skype: fabulousbliss1

Snapchat: @faoreverfabulousbliss

Facebook: Nnyana Bliss Molefe


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