Faith Feloque : Biography

Born in Sebokeng, also known as the heart of the Vaal triangle, Feloque shares more than music.Born Tsholofelo Faith Madikgetla, Feloques musical passion began in more than just a glimpse. Growing up in a Christian home, Feloque had the firm love and inspiration from poetry, music and her late father. It was in the year … Continue reading Faith Feloque : Biography


Feloque Biography

Born Faith Tsholofelo Madikgetla, Feloque/Fai is a songwriter, poet and singer from South Africa. Dating back to the early and mid 2000's, Feloque began her musical experience under various music concepts, Kawito/Hip Hop being the first. Being part of a group named Zero Gravity, by then under the name Mys Menace, Feloque began being exposed … Continue reading Feloque Biography