Depending on the mood of the fish, every month Far Yards host a livestream podcast carrying a unique signature across a podcast platform.

Hosted by Khirbet Qeiyafa (1h00 – 3h00 CAT)

Aired by TruEaSoul Radio

TruEaSoul – Far Yards Session W/ Cece (South Africa)

Meet Me Underground Podcast : Khirbet Qeiyafa

0020 Khirbet Qeiyafa/Bagalou (Bed-Root Workshop, Saudi Arabia)

0019_Maribou State (United Kingdom)

0018_Lady Bliss (South Africa)

0017_ AM Sounds (South Africa)

0016_ Discodromo (Coktail D’Amore Music)

0015_ Merc Dee (South Africa)

0012_ NakedSoul (South Africa)

0011_ Kat ‘n Melk (Germany)

0010_ Toby Tobias (Future Boogie)

009_ Martin Stimming (Deep Haus Amsterdam)

008_ Jimspter (Freerange)

007_ Kingsley Hyam (United Kingdom)

005_ S’celo Madonsela (South Africa)

004_ Huerco S. (24hrs From Culture)

003_ Glenn Astro & IMYRMiND (Germany)